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This site was inspired by an appreciation for sports and testing the knowledge I believe I have on topics such as that. I figured other people may also not only enjoy sports, but sometimes wonder, how much do I really know? And if someone were to quiz me right now, how well would I do?
The questions used in the quizzes on this site are randomly selected from a pool each time the page is loaded so you will never receive the same exact set of questions consecutively. Another great thing about this site is that, as the name suggests, you are given sports trivia questions AND answers. Therefore, if you please, you may read deeper into a topic if you find it hard to believe. When you submit your answers, each question will be marked right or wrong, along with an explanation of the actual answer.
We gladly accepts submissions and suggestions using the contact us page so please do not hesitate to shoot us a message, even to just say what's up or talk some sports. Good luck with your trivia!
sports trivia questions and answers