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Question 1

Only one host country has ever been eliminated from the first round of the World Cup. Which country is that?

Question 2

Who won the 1976 Light Heavyweight Gold Medal at the Olympics

Question 3

Who is the youngest player to play in a World Cup final?

Question 4

Who holds the record for most points in an NBA season

Question 5

Out of the franchises with at least 3 Super Bowl appearances, which one has the highest winning percentage at the Super Bowl?

Question 6

Reggie Jackson won his first World Series MVP in 1973. When did he win his second?

Question 7

Which NBA player had the most points in his rookie season?

Question 8

In what year did Willie Mays retire from the MLB?

Question 9

Rocky Graziano was born in?

Question 10

What position has won the most Offensive Rokkie of the Year Awards in the NFL?

Question 11

What was the highest weight class Naseem Hamed fought in?

Question 12

Which NFL team has won the most Super Bowls?

Question 13

Most Blocks shots in NBA history?

Question 14

When was the world's first official football body, the Football Association, established? [soccer]

Question 15

In MLB, the diameter of the pitcher's mound is?

Question 16

Only one player has ever been voted the unanimous MVP of the NFL. He is?

Question 17

Who was the 2008 NBA Finals MVP?

Question 18

Who is England's all time World Cup scoring leader?

Question 19

Coors Field is home to which MLB team?

Question 20

Frank Bruno was a boxer from which country?

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