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This quiz uses questions from all the sports featured on this site. In total, there are 20 questions – four from five different sports (NFL, basketball, soccer, baseball and boxing). If you don’t feel confident about the questions, reload the page to get a fresh set of questions. Or you can take a quiz based purely on a single sport you’re more knowledgeable about.

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Question 1

Who was Muhammed Ali's opponent at Thrilla in Manilla?

Question 2

What is the fastest send off [red card] in World Cup history?

Question 3

Two NBA teams play at Staples Center. One of them is..

Question 4

Which player has the most World Cup titles?

Question 5

Which of these boxers did NOT win an Olympic gold medal in his career?

Question 6

Which year was the Rookie of the Year award first handed out in the MLB?

Question 7

Which former NFL player also has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

Question 8

PNC Park is home to which MLB team?

Question 9

Who was the NBA Championship trophy named after?

Question 10

Four NBA franchises have been to the Finals twice and lost both times. Three of them are the Utah Jazz, Orlando Magic and NJ/Brooklyn Nets. Which franchise is the fourth?

Question 11

Who is the all time leading scorer in NFL history?

Question 12

Which city do the Tigers play for in the MLB?

Question 13

Who won the 1976 Light Heavyweight Gold Medal at the Olympics

Question 14

Which NFL player is the all time leader in fumbles?

Question 15

How tall is a regulation basketball hoop from the ground?

Question 16

What matchup has been the most played World Cup final?

Question 17

Which country has the record for the most goals conceded in a World Cup?

Question 18

Who has the record for the most rushing yards in an NFL regular season?

Question 19

The Brown Bomber was the nickname of which boxing great?

Question 20

The San Diego Padres play their home games at?

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