10 Sydel Curry Facts Plus Bonus Pictures

Today’s topic is 10 Sydel Curry facts. I know I’m veering from professional athletes a bit for this post but I won’t go into why I’m making this exception for Sydel.. You probably don’t even care lol.

As you may or may not already know, Sydel Curry is the daughter of former NBA player Dell Curry and current NBA players, Stephen and Seth Curry. If you didn’t, consider that a bonus fact.

Facts About Sydel Curry

  1. Her birthday is October 20th and she is currently 21 years old. She shares her birthday with hip hop legend, Snoop Dogg, and rapper A$AP Ferg.
  2. Sydel was an elite volleyball player in high school, earning multiple NCISAA 1st team all state and all conference awards.
  3. She unfortunately dislocated her kneecap at the start of her freshman year at Elon, which forced her to redshirt the year to recover.

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  1. She attended the same high school as her older brothers, except she was a volleyball player instead. Also, by time she arrived at Charlotte Christian School, Steph and Seth were already in college.
  2. She lived in Toronto, Canada for a year while her father had a short stint with the Toronto Raptors in the early 2000’s.
  3. Like the rest of the Curry family, Sydel is a devout Christian who has a strong belief and institution of family.
  4. She is probably the most attractive NBA sibling right now. Okay that’s a little subjective but she’s certainly the most popular.
  5. She was the designated “Rebound Girl” for her brothers when she was younger. Maybe that turned her off from basketball? Nah, maybe she just likes volleyball and has a talent for it. After all, her mom played 4 years at Virginia Tech in the 80’s.
  6. She’s currently doing a Major in Psychology and a Minor in Human Service Studies.
  7. At 5’9″, she’s pretty tall for a female, which is not surprising when you think about her family.

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There you have it – 10 Sydel Curry facts as promised.

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