Soccer Trivia Questions and Answers

Soccer, also known as association football is the most popular sport in the world. Test your knowledge about the sport by answering randomly selected soccer trivia questions.

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Question 1

What is the penalty for a direct red card in a World Cup game?

Question 2

What is the distance between the penalty spot and the goal line? [soccer]

Question 3

What happens if the goalkeeper handles the ball directly after a throw in? [soccer]

Question 4

In which country is the headquarters of FIFA located?

Question 5

What are the height and width of a regulation soccer goal?

Question 6

If a defender kicks the ball and it ricochets off the referee and crosses the goal line, what is the resulting ruling?

Question 7

When was the world's first official football body, the Football Association, established? [soccer]

Question 8

What is the oldest football club in history? [soccer]

Question 9

Who won the World Cup in 1930?

Question 10

How many goals did Just Fontaine score during the 1958 World Cup?

Question 11

How many times has the host team won the World Cup? [soccer]

Question 12

Who has the record for most goals in a World Cup?

Question 13

Who won the first World Cup?

Question 14

Along with Fabian Barthez, who has the record for the most clean sheets in World Cup history?

Question 15

Which team has reached the World Cup top sixteen the most in its history?

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