NFL Trivia Questions and Answers

Question 1

Who is the all time leader in NFL fumbles recovered in a career?

Question 2

Which NFL player is the all time leader in fumbles?

Question 3

Where do the Washington Redskins call home?

Question 4

Two former or current NFL players are tied for most fumbles in a season at 23. Daunte Culpepper is one. Who is the other?

Question 5

Lambeau Field is home to which NFL team?

Question 6

Which city do the Jaguars play in? [NFL]

Question 7

Where do the New England Patriots call home?

Question 8

Which NFL team has won the most Super Bowls?

Question 9

Who is the all time leader in NFL sacks?

Question 10

Out of the franchises with at least 3 Super Bowl appearances, which one has the highest winning percentage at the Super Bowl?

Question 11

Dan Marino was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame in 2002. In what year was he inducted into the Pro HOF?

Question 12

Which team is the only team to ever have the offensive and defensive Rookie of the Year in the same year?

Question 13

What position has won the most Offensive Rokkie of the Year Awards in the NFL?

Question 14

Two players shared the Offensive Rookie of the Year Award twice in the history of the NFL (in 1975 and 1988). The Defensive Rookie of the Year Award has only been shared once. Which year was that?

Question 15

Out of the four great, modern quarterbacks below, only one won Rookie of the Year.

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