Football Quiz Questions and Answers

Below are links to two types of football quiz questions. Why two types? You may be aware that different conventions over the years have led to varying comprehensions of the term football. Instead of choosing a side, we try to keep everyone happy by having trivia questions about BOTH types of football.

You can either jump directly into your quiz using the links below, or keep reading about 13 quick facts about differences between the two (I was bored). I’ve also included a video of a debate I found online about the differences between the sports and which one is better.

Click here for NFL/American football quiz questions and answers.

Click here for Association football/soccer trivia questions and answers.

Click here for trivia comparing the two footballs. (coming soon)

Facts about football vs football

  1. They both have aliases. One is called gridiron, the other is called soccer. The rest of this page will refer to them as such.
  2. Soccer is played with a spherical ball, while gridiron is played with a prolate spheroid.
  3. In soccer, touching the ball with your hands is completely illegal during gameplay. For the majority of gridiron game play, the ball is in the players’ hands.
  4. A good, strong gridiron tackle would have someone removed from a soccer game and possibly suspended.
  5. Gridiron is the most popular sport in the United States, with soccer a distant 4th or 5th. Soccer, however, is the most popular sport in the world overall, as well as in most countries.
  6. A regulation soccer field is 100 yards long. This is the same for gridiron (excluding end zones). However, a regulation soccer field is about 60 yards wide while a gridiron field is typically thinner at around 53 yards in width.
  7. Both sports are played with 11 players each on the field.
  8. Due to its worldwide appeal, soccer is an Olympic sport while the more regional gridiron is not.
  9. Gridiron is the offspring of soccer and rugby.
  10. A gridiron match can never end in a tie, while a soccer match can end as a tie, except when there needs to be a sole winner. For example, when playing in a championship or knockout round.
  11. The NFL regular season is only 16 games long due to the physical nature of the sport. Soccer seasons are usually much longer. For example, the Barclay’s Premier League is 38 games long.
  12. Competing NFL teams remain the same season after season, while the Premier League operates a system of promotion and relegation to encourage competitiveness.
  13. Players enter the NFL the first time through the NFL draft while soccer players just sign with a club when their talent is spotted.

Here is the video I mentioned earlier in the article comparing the sports:

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