How To Find Basketball Courts Near Me

I know the feeling, bro. You just moved to a new area but ball is life so one of the first things you wonder is: where are the basketball courts near me?

Unfortunately, the maps on websites such as those listed at the bottom of this article are very limited for some areas (especially smaller cities) and you may actually end up going further than you need to. This is why I’m going to show you the steps you should take to find the nearest basketball court.

Local High Schools

One thing that almost all high schools have in common is a basketball court. Not all high schools allow outsiders to play on their courts, however, that doesn’t mean they’re completely useless.

Visit a nearby high school at around 4 or 5pm when basketball training would be going on and ask the players and the coaches where you could play. I promise you will get a bunch of options.

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Ask 10 Random People

Now is not the time to be shy. Do you want to play ball or not?

If you ask 10 completely random people if they know of any courts nearby, at least one will have the answer for you. My thought process is this – if there’s a basketball court near me, someone must have seen it before. Makes sense, right?

Remember, even people who don’t play basketball still have two eyes.


Like high schools, most gyms have a basketball court. Draw for the yellow pages and make a few calls to find out which of them have basketball courts near you.

Recreation Center

Most cities in the United States have at least one Recreation Center. These establishments usually sports facilities such as a basketball court, swimming pool, tennis court etc.

Find a rec center in your city by searching the name of your city and “recreation center.” For example, living in Pembroke Pines, you could try “Pembroke Pines recreation center.”


Join a few Facebook groups within your city and ask. Simply type in the name of your city in the Facebook address bar, choose the Groups tabs and join 5 or more of the most popular groups in your city. These groups don’t have to be basketball related.

When you join, make a post to the group asking about any basketball courts in the area.

Instagram or Twitter

The hashtag is an invention that has made it much easier to find things and people using social media. A great way to find basketball courts nearby is by using a hashtag with basketball and the city you’re in.

For example, if you’re in New York City, you could search #basketballnyc or #basketballinnewyork. The hard part of this is finding the right hashtag so you’ll have to try a few different ones.

If the information about the court isn’t readily available, send the user a message or write a comment asking about courts in the area.

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Basketball Courts Near Me (Maps)

These two websites may help you further. They are maps