Boxing Quiz Questions and Answers

Below are 15 randomly chosen boxing quiz questions taken from out of a list of over 100. Test your knowledge on one of the oldest sports in the world.

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Question 1

What was the highest weight class Naseem Hamed fought in?

Question 2

In which state is the International Boxing Hall of Fame located?

Question 3

Which boxer was known as the Celtic Warrior?

Question 4

Kim Duk Koo died after his boxing match against?

Question 5

Who was Muhammed Ali's opponent at Rumble in the Jungle?

Question 6

Frank Bruno was a boxer from which country?

Question 7

Sugar Ray Leonard's first professional boxing match was against?

Question 8

The Brown Bomber was the nickname of which boxing great?

Question 9

Which boxing great commited suicide in 1966?

Question 10

What was the highest weight class Naseem Hamed fought in?

Question 11

The Real Deal was the nickname of which boxing great?

Question 12

Which of these boxers did NOT win an Olympic gold medal in his career?

Question 13

Who won the 1976 Light Heavyweight Gold Medal at the Olympics

Question 14

Floyd Patterson was knocked out in 2 consecutive bouts against?

Question 15

Who has had the longest heavyweight title run in professional boxing?

Question 16

Whose ear did Mike Tyson bite off in 1997?

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