Basketball Trivia Questions and Answers

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Question 1

Which team won the 2009 NBA Championship?

Question 2

Most Blocks shots in NBA history?

Question 3

Which NBA player had the most seasons with 1000 points or more?

Question 4

Which NBA player had the most points in his rookie season?

Question 5

Which team was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar drafted by?

Question 6

Who was the NBA Championship trophy named after?

Question 7

Who holds the record for most points in an NBA season

Question 8

Who hold the record for most points in a single NBA game

Question 9

Who was the 2008 NBA Finals MVP?

Question 10

Two NBA teams play at Staples Center. One of them is..

Question 11

Out of the franchises with at least 3 Super Bowl appearances, which one has the highest winning percentage at the Super Bowl?

Question 12

Which country won the first Olympic Gold Medal in Basketball

Question 13

How tall is a regulation basketball hoop from the ground?

Question 14

Which NBA team plays at Madison Square Garden?

Question 15

Who founded the game of basketball?

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