Baseball Trivia Questions and Answers

Test your knowledge about America’s second most popular sport. Below are 15 randomly selected baseball trivia questions and answers. We have hundreds of questions of this type but each time the page is loaded, you are only given 15 to keep the page length relatively short. If you don’t do too well, you can by pressing the restart button below the quiz and you will be served up a fresh batch of questions.

Question 1

In what state was Willie Mays born?

Question 2

In which World Series did the Mack Attack occur?

Question 3

Where do the Cardinals call home?

Question 4

The Toronto Blue Jays won their first World Series in what year?

Question 5

When did Bill Wambsganss make an unassisted triple play?

Question 6

In 1994, there was a strike by the MLB Players Association which led to the cancellation of the World Series that year. This was the second time no World Series was held. When was the first?

Question 7

In MLB, the diameter of the pitcher's mound is?

Question 8

Which MLB award was named after Jackie Robinson?

Question 9

In which state is the National Baseball Hall of Fame located?

Question 10

Don Larsen pitched a perfect game in which World Series?

Question 11

Which year was the Rookie of the Year award first handed out in the MLB?

Question 12

Who was the 2009 World Series MVP?

Question 13

When did Babe Ruth make his famous called shot?

Question 14

Two brothers have pitched for the same team once in World Series history. What were their names?

Question 15

PNC Park is home to which MLB team?

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