Little Known Facts About The Winning Super Bowl Team

The winning Super Bowl team for the last year was the Packers. They brought the Lombardi trophy back where it originated. After losing the quarterback Bret Farve, Arron Rogers took his place. Many wondered if Arron could aide in delivering the Packers into a winning streak, and he indeed found himself fitting the shoes of the last quarterback. This Wisconsin based team, the Green Bay Packers, found themselves going head to head with the Steelers. Many were hoping to see Bret Farve, and Arron Rogers battle for the championship. Many do not know where the name of the Green Bay Packers originated. One may have found that the Packer’s name derived from the meat packing industry. The Green Bay Packers are owned by the stockholders. A numerous number of fans are stockholders of this monumental team. They were founded in the year 1919, and were joined into the national football league two years later. Many find themselves dedicated to this football team as if they are family. Masses of fans were crushed when Bret Farve left the Packers. Most of these fans now find themselves dedicated to Arron Rogers for bringing them to the Super Bowl. Reggie White was found to be one of the most popular players on the team. He was also one of the first free agents that the Packers signed on. Russ Letlow was the first ever drafted member of the Packers. Vince Lombardi took the Green Bay Packers into their first ever Super Bowls. The trophy was then named after him. All the teams hope to win the trophy and bring it back with them for a year. The packers found themselves winners of 12 NFL championships. The Packers are a very beloved team; the fans are devote, the players are pumped, and the general outlook is positive.

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