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The Top Ten Best Looking NFL Players

The NFL is loaded with gorgeous men as well as talent. The top 10 best looking men in the NFL are: 10. This is a tie between brothers Ronde and Tiki Barber. This brother duo is extremely talented and very handsome. Women can choose between the good or bad brother. 9. Eli Manning of the [...]

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The Top Ten Best Looking MLB Players

When considering the sport of baseball, there are several great looking players out on the field. From Derek Jeter, to Alex Rodriguez, being the more famous ones on the field, there are several other small name players that are also well known, for their great looks, as well as their play on the field. Other [...]

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Little Known Facts About The Winning Super Bowl Team

Little Known Facts About The Winning Super Bowl Team The winning Super Bowl team for the last year was the Packers. They brought the Lombardi trophy back where it originated. After losing the quarterback Bret Farve, Arron Rogers took his place. Many wondered if Arron could aide in delivering the Packers into a winning streak, [...]

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