Ten Reasons To Date An NFL Player:

1. Great seats to games, even if your boyfriend plays in Dallas.

2. Never have to wait for a table again at a restaurant. And even if you do have to wait: drinks are more then likely on the house.

3. With an entourage like his, you never have to worry about being afraid to walk back to the car (even if you are dating a kicker).

4. With a maximum season length of six months, an NFL player will have more time for you then most players. Somedays, you’ll wonder if that’s a good thing.

5. If he’s a star, you get a guaranteed trip to Hawaii (or another warm weather city) once a year for the Pro Bowl.

6. With a lockout coming in 2011, think of all of the traveling you can do!

7. He will really want (and need) those massages you want to give him.

8. You know those houses that you see on MTV Cribs? He will more then likely have something that approaches that.

9. Finally: a chance to met Bill Belichick.

10. If Dancing With The Stars is any indication, most NFLers know how to strut their stuff.

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