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Who Has The Best Hair In The NFL?

There are many great hairdos in the NFL right now, but it is hard to pick the top one. There are so many different styles they can be hard to compare, but we will sure try. First up is Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews. His hair looks like it would be more suited on the [...]

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Ten Reasons To Date An NFL Player

Ten Reasons To Date An NFL Player: 1. Great seats to games, even if your boyfriend plays in Dallas. 2. Never have to wait for a table again at a restaurant. And even if you do have to wait: drinks are more then likely on the house. 3. With an entourage like his, you never [...]

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Ten Reasons Not To Date An NBA Player

What possible reasons would you need not to date an NBA player? They would presumably be the same reasons that you would need not to date anyone else. But to be basketball specific, one should not date an NBA player if one knows that: 1. The NBA player is married to a jealous wife. 2. [...]

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