17 Facts About Kobe Bryant

Today, I present to you 17 facts about Kobe Bryant. This article is the second installment of The Sports Truth’s Sporting Facts. I started off the series with basketball facts seeing that it is my favourite sport, so before moving on to another sport, I decided to write a facts list about The Mamba. Why? Because he’s my favourite player and I’m biased. Sue me lol.

Kobe Bryant Facts

  1. He is the third youngest person to ever play in an NBA game. In fact, when he was drafted, his parents had to cosign his contract with the Lakers until he was able to sign by himself when he turned 18 before the season started.
  2. Though the Elbow Hang or Honey Dip dunk was popularized by Vince Carter during the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, Kobe Bryant had done it two years prior in the Phillipines. See the video below:
  3. He was drafted 13th overall by the Charlotte Hornets in the 1996 NBA Draft and immediately traded to the Lakers for Vlade Divac.
  4. Third all time in scoring behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Karl Malone.
  5. He is the youngest person to have ever started in an All Star Game. At 19 years old, he started in the 1998 NBA All Star Game. He has started in every All Star Game he has played in. In 1997, he became the youngest slam dunk champion. Most records about the youngest player are either held by him, were held by him or he’s in the top five.
  6. Kobe Bryant has the highest single season scoring average since 1987 (MJ) and the second highest since 1967 (Rick Barry).
  7. Bryant’s second daughter Gianna was born just six minutes after Shaquille O’Neal‘s six child Mearah.
  8. He wore #33 in high school.
  9. Kobe had an interesting, albeit short lived music career. He released the vinyl record single K.O.B.E. in 1999 which also featured Tyra Banks and a young 50 Cent. He even had a single with Brian McKnight; Don’t believe me? Just watch:
  10. Kobe Bryant is currently tied with John Stockton for most seasons with the same team (19). He will hold the record by himself when he plays in the 2015-2016 season.
    Update: He now has the record with 20 seasons.
  11. In seasons where he’s played at least 50% of regular season games, the Lakers have made the playoffs 16 times and missed it only once.
  12. He’s actually a decent passer. As a full time starter, he averaged 5 or more assists per game in 9 of his 15 seasons up to 2013 when he suffered the first major injury of his career.
  13. He was the one who nicknamed himself The Black Mamba.


There you have it – 17 Kobe Facts as promised.

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facts about kobe bryant - kobe bryant facts

facts about kobe bryant – kobe bryant facts